Side Scan Principle

Principle of Operation of a Sidescan Sonar


First off many people have assisted us and we would encourage you to visit several of the links bellow

Similar Projects

Sound Underwater Survey

Marks Munro has been one of the largest helps through this Mark Has basically the same side scan (Klein 595) and software and is doing a very similar thing on the East Coast (Connecticut) of the US his web site is well worth a visit Sound Underwater Survey is simply a name used to define a small group of friends who are interested in finding and exploring local shipwrecks and their history

Tom Kowalczk

Tom Kowalczk has been running a Imagenex Yellowfin high frequency (880 kHz) Side Scan Sonar for several years on Lake Erie in the Great Lakes, Ohio, USA.

Tom has recently upgraded to a Klein 595 and shall be using his unit for searhing in the Central basin of Lake Erie.

His website has many images and History of his local shipwrecks link

Shipwreck Research Links

The Australian Newspapers service allows access to historic Australian newspapers digitised as part of the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program. This searchable system often provides one of the best sources of contemporary information on shipwrecks

NSW Heritage Website & Database responsible for administering the historic shipwreck and relics and allows NSW Maritime Heritage Online allows you to access, a searchable database of NSW Shipwrecks

Both Trove and Picture Australia can be useful in finding contemporary images and information

Max Gleeson is recognised as one of Australia’s most experienced wreck divers and authorities on NSW shipwrecks and has written a number of Books as well as produced several DVD on NSW Shipwrecks

Encyclopaedia of Australian Shipwrecks provides a short entry for each vessel, with relevant physical details, and details of her loss one of the best starting places

Flotilla Australia A web site of Australian Shipping Lines Postcards, Prints, Photographs, Ephemera, and Essential Data of Australian Ships Big and Small Past and Present.

Side Scan Links

John Fish through The Institute for Marine Acoustics which is an organization of marine scientists and engineers interested in providing information on imaging sonar through education and training literally wrote the books (Sound Underwater Images and Sound Reflections) on how to intrepid side scan we would recommend these to all.

Dive Links

Michael McFadyen Website is a non-commercial site and is unrelated to any dive organisation. It is purely to provide divers with an information source to increase their enjoyment of scuba diving, shipwrecks and marine life in general

Dive Oz Australia's biggest and most updated Australian Scuba Diving Forum

Hydro Links

A big thanks has to go to Allen Hundley from Geosonics Australia for his ongoing assistance and kind support with the provision expert knowlage and kind donation of equipment he no longer requires

Geosonics Australia is a marine geophysical and underwater acoustics consultancy that offers clients cost effective and innovative solutions to their geophysical, geotechnical and environmental acoustics needs. Their senior staff members have over 25 years worldwide experience in their fields of expertise. They hold an impressive array of geophysical and underwater acoustic hardware and software. Allen can be contacted through or +61(0)405 436676

Triton Logo

Special Thanks also goes to Triton Imaging who are a developer of high performance, highly automated software tools for seafloor mapping and underwater imaging applications. Triton have given us access to their Perspective software to assist in our endeavours this software is capable of processing and interpreting bathymetry, sidescan, and subbottom data within one GIS-based application. In addition to working with three survey data types, Perspective offers the unique ability to access the raw data directly from the map view for all three data types and should provide considerable advantage to us in our data mining previously collected data