Shipwreck Side Scan Images - Balls Head Wrecks

There are at least 5 wrecks just off Balls Head just west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Most of these vessels are still to be identified


Balls Head

Balls Head Shipwreck Multibeam image

Image from Sydney Ports multi beam sonar larger res image (1Meg) Balls Head Wrecks Multibeam or download as a kmz file for google earth Balls Head Multibeam kmz

Balls Head Shipwreck Side Scan image

Image from Astute Surveying who specialise in Hydrographic and GPS Surveying down load the image as a kmz file for Google Earth Download

Balls Head Wreck Side Scan image Mosaic

Download Balls Head kmz file for Google Earth

Fritz Breuseker Burton M1

Fritz a local Sydney Diver has recently purchased a Burton (One Sided) Side Scan (which is a standard Lowrance / Eagle fishfinder modified for Side Scan Use ) and below are several images he has captured

Balls Head Small Wreck Side Scan image

Balls Head Wreck Side Scan image