Shipwreck Side Scan Images - The Hall Caine

The HALL CAINE lies in 42 meters on sand, pointing towards Broken Bay, S/E of Cape Three Points.

The HALL CAINE was twin screw, powered by a set of two compound steam engines they have two cylinders and the smaller is the high pressure, the larger the low pressure. These engines were made as a pair but are handed; they have their condensers on the outside nearest the hull. The prop shafts are just visible at sand level running from the engines aft to the propellers. Two blades of each prop are visible above sand level, although when I visited the site they were entangled with fishing net

Hall Caine

Hall Caine

Hall Caine Mosaic Hall Caine Mosaic No Account of Layback from Towfish to GPS on Boat

Hall Caine Layout

A diagram of the HALL CAINE By John Riley - dated September 1988

Hall Caine SSSRange: 200m Ping Number: 3755 image 100KHz 100 meters off on Starboard File:dat100731024136.snr