Shipwreck Side Scan Images - Trio & Danny J

Off Mona Vale

Many hundreds of obsolete vessels have been sea dumped or abandoned off Australia. These two barge form part of this a little further North from the Main Long Reef Artificial Reef. Both vessel lay within 100 meters of each other

Trio or Hopper Barge No. 654

No.654 S Hopper barge, 206 t, B.1957 Owners: Maritime Services Board, Scuttled off Sydney, Apl. 8, 1987 some numbered barges were given names such as No.654 became Noorai

Danny J or Hopper Barge No. 651

No.651 S hopper barge 350 t, B.1952 Owners: Maritime Services Board, scuttled off Sydney Apl. 29, 1987

For More Information

you can go to Michael McFadyens website

there is a youtube video off the wreck

Side scan Images

Trio 60 meters off Port and Danny J 40 meters off on Starboard Running South Top image 500 kHz bottom image 100 kHz at a range of 150 meters

Side scan Trio Danny J

Both of the wrecks Side Scan Sonar image zoomed in

Sidescan Trio Danny J

Another set of images of the Trio on the Port and Danny J on Starboard Running South

Trio & Danny J

Trio off Port and Danny J off Starboard Running South

Danny J 60 meters off Port  Zoomed in

Danny J 60 meters off Port Zoomed in with a bit of Heave from the surface conditions

Sidescan Danny J

Danny J again zoomed in

Trio & Danny J

Launching of one of the MSB Dumb Hopper Barges

Launching of a Dumb Hopper Barge

Deck of one of the 600 Ton MSB Dumb Hopper Barges

Deck of one of the 600T Barges

600 Ton MSB Dumb Hopper Barges Loading from the Coolooli

Hopper Barge Loading from the Coolooli

Crew of empty inbound MSB hopper