Shipwreck Side Scan Images - Unidentified Barrenjoey Wrecks

Off Barrenjoey

We have often run out of Pittwater in the testing and operation of the side scan, and have identified a number of potential targets or anomalies on a relatively flat sandy bottom. Three of these have turned out to be ship wrecks (approximately 7.8 km, 8.5 km and 12 km east of Barrenjoey Light)

All GPS locations are posted on the Shipwreck Database page


Location of Unidentifed WrecksThe Fibreglass Yacht is approximatly 7.8 km from Barrenjoey Lighthouse, The motor launch approximatly 8.5 km from Barrenjoey lighthouse and the Unidentifed Wreckage 12 km from Barrenjoey lighthouse and 1.2 km from the wreck of the Tuncurry

More information required

None of these wreck sites has been identified if you have any information that may help identify these sites please let us know

Unidentified Fribreglass Yacht

On the same day as we went over the Motor Lanuch we also found a The Yacht in 42 meters of water it is lying on its port side and is approximately 5m long coming up 1.6m above the flat sand bottom. It look like the vessel has been down a number of years as there is a reasonable amount of growth although the GRP hull can still be clearly seen its basically running north / south. Its a small and would be hard to anchor on with a rock pick I would recommend either a sand plough or a shot line and then run a line from that to the wreck

Unidentifed Yacht

The mark for this wreck was up on Current Targets part of the website for 8 months before we got around to diving it as #6 Unknown Object Sidescan Range: 100m Object 5m long 1.5 m high image 30 meters off on Port (Note Fish in Water Column adjacent to object)

Unknown Object Side Scan images

Wreckage approximately 1.2km NE of the Tuncurry

Again on the same day of scanning that we went over the Motor Lanuch and Yacht. We also found a small amount of wreckage is located approximately 1.2 km to the North East of the Tuncurry in 61 metres of water

Unidentified Wreckage Side Scan

The site is very small consisting of 2 to 3 smaller steel plates of approximately 2m by 3m with a small quantity of coal and an older piece of fishing net. With the whole site being approximately 3m by 3m with potentially more of the site buried under the sand. The Steel plates did not appear to be boiler plate but had the look of superstructure

Unidentifed Wreckage Sidescan

Images of the anomaly

Unidentifed Side Scan Wreckage

Shadows of the steal plates on the flat sand bottom

Wish in the Water column

Large amount of fish in the water column over the anomaly

Unidentified Motor Boat / Launch

When we were side scanning back in early April when we picked up an anomaly when we basically went right over the top of it and hence didn’t get a good image but could tell there was something there with all of the fish in the water column

Sidescan of Unidentifed Launch

It is a small steel motor launch, about 7 meters long with in inboard and has been down less than 20 years int is located in 50 metres of water, it’s so small you won’t hit it with a rock pick so will have to use a sand plough and then secure to the wreck.

It a nice short dive with a lot of fish life and worth a dive or two Thanks to Robb W for the photos of the Motor Launch

Motor Launch

Side profile of the motor launch

Motor Launch

Bow of the motor launch

Motor Launch

Diver (Rod P) coming into the vessel over the stern

Motor Launch

Rod P inspecting the stearing area